The Raid

Gamers will (I hope) appreciate this tale of real life intruding on the role playing world…


As the last skeletal knight clattered to the floor, the only feeling more palpable than the relief of the surviving members of the party was the tension in the air.  There, before them, stood the final seal.  Beyond that menacing stone demonic face lay untold riches and, perhaps more likely, death.  They gathered quickly and quietly before the gate that would lead them, one way or another, to their ultimate reward.

Boldaxe broke the silence with an excited whisper.  “We’ve made it, my fellows.  The Tomb of the Dread Lord Dralgoth lies before us.  None who have entered have lived to tell the tale of what evils lie beyond.  Steel your nerves and prepare yourselves for the unknown mysteries of his shadowy realm.”

“When we enter”, added Nimbus, “you two will need to get over to the right to avoid his frontal gaze attack.  Cherry, we’ll need you in back popping heals as fast as you can while the melee group tries to pull him off his throne.  Watch out for his archers, their arrows are poisoned.  We’ll also need our ranged guys to pick up his adds – they’re going to spawn in the corners of the room every 30 seconds or so until we can get him off the dais and onto the glowing seal on the floor.  That will nerf his spell resistance and we can burn him down.”

“What?!  How can you know these things, brave Nimbus?  No one alive knows what lies beyond the seal.  None have entered his lair and survived!” cried Boldaxe.

“Wait, you mean you’ve never been in here before?”

“None who have been here have lived to tell the tale.  All that is known of what lies beyond is what has been handed down by the bards in the generations since the kingdom fell to the hordes during the last Great War of Darkness.”

“Whatever, noob.  I’ve run this raid a dozen times with Chubbz and the rest of the Undead Posse Kin and I’m not getting killed just so you and your noob friends can get good loot.  I’m outta here.”


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